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The small, secluded islet of Motu Tetaraire, at the southern tip of the atoll, was acquired by a Swiss-American businessman a few years ago. It has a main beachside villa and a recently-added guest residence providing accommodation for up to 6 adults and 4 children.  

The main villa is spacious, comfortable and cozy, built in the true Polynesian style with high ceilings and interlaced beams, numerous windows and varnished wooden surfaces. There are three bedrooms with private bathroom, a kitchen opening onto a large lounge/dining room with TV/HI-FI and video for lively or quiet evenings.
The guest residence is just a few meters away, and while it has its own unique character, it is more easily comparable to a villa in our Polynesian resorts. It offers a large and completely private space for two persons with a bright and spacious bedroom, a truly impressive bathroom, a walk-in closet and a veranda.
This property, with its refined decor and remarkably luxurious levels of comfort for such a remote location, will delight its guests during an “all-inclusive” stay.

What’s included?
– Exclusive private access to the islet, lagoon and the reef marking its boundary
– Attentive bilingual French/English-speaking staff on-hand to prepare meals, organize sporting, boating and night-time activities, discoveries of the local flora and fauna, and cultural workshops, according to guests’ desires and the weather
– All meals are prepared by the staff in the villa’s kitchen according to guests’ personal tastes and a wink to the richness of the surrounding lagoon and ocean: a delight of freshness!
– Non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks ordered by guests’ prior to their arrival are also provided within the limit of available stock for the stay.

The staff is based on the island and include the property manager (and outstanding cook), Celine, native of Rangiroa, her assistant, and Heiarii, a young man entirely dedicated to activities on the property. They are not only there to make your stay on the Motu a pleasure, but they are also of great company and will become real friends by the end of your stay.

The areas around the motu offer a picturesque landscape of the Tuamotu: miles of an impressive reef platform above water in the form of sharp peaks. Called the Reef Island, this part of the island, rather spectacular, houses various endemic bird species. It is not unusual to see bird eggs while strolling at the back of the motu. Another feature of this unmatched landscape: the colors pink of the reef that is home to “burgaux” (a specie of sea snail) and “pencil” sea urchins in late afternoon,  or to lobsters and other crustaceans in the evening.

An experience on Motu Tetaraire clearly has a cost, but absolutely everything is provided for you; and the 100% authentic Polynesian service is a real highlight for this incredibly exotic stay, so far away from everything, and full of wonderful encounters and memories.

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