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Whale and dolphin watching, Scuba diving

Since the country is always very concerned about the protection and well-being of the marine mammals in its water, the regulation on whale and dolphin watching has been made stricter. As a result, only one boat per company is allowed to go out per watching session, with a maximum of 12 passengers on board. Therefore, reservation before international departure is strongly recommended. Since it is prohibited to disturb the animals in the lagoons, bays, passes, and within a radius of 1 kilometer centered on the pass, whale and dolphin watching will take place on the open ocean. The boat approach distance is limited to 30m for dolphins and 100m for whales; as for swimmers, the distance from the animal to be respected is set at 30m. For any swimming, it is therefore required that each participant be in good physical condition and feel comfortable in the open ocean.


Recreational scuba diving is also undergoing a revolution! The main points to be noted in this new regulation, applicable from the end of June 2018 regarding exploration, certification, and initiation dives, are:

– a mandatory Form of No Contraindication to the Practice of Scuba Diving, along with a medical certificate when needed, must be completed, signed, and presented at each diving center. This form will be provided to you for each reservation request of Diving services.

– 3 dives maximum per day, for a cumulative total of 6 hours maximum under water

– the modification of the maximum depths authorized, based on the diver’s level of certification

20 meters maximum  for Levels 1 CMAS and  Openwater PADI SSI

30 meters maximum  for Advanced Openwater PADI SSI and higher levels

40 meters maximum  for Levels 2 CMAS and higher levels,

40 meters maximum for Advanced Openwater PADI SSI and higher levels, with a Deep Diver Specialty

– the obligation for each diver to have his/her own dive computer for dives at 20 meters and beyond (free dive computer provided at Topdive centers; service not available at the other dive centers at this stage).

Our booking agents will get back to you for the affected reservations.

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