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After the Brando in Tetiaroa, a new offer is emerging for exceptional guests: the private island of Nukutepipi. This small piece of land in the Tuamotu of just 2.3 km2 is already considered as “one of the most beautiful places in the world to open in 2019” by Forbes magazine.

The island was purchased in 2007 by Guy Laliberté, the billionaire founder of Cirque du Soleil. He did not touch it for 2 years. “My idea was to find a magical place in the world and make a creation. (…) I’ve searched ten years for a place to do a project like this. (…) I discovered French Polynesia, and there has been a click. I feel good, I feel comfortable here. (…) A friend told me about this atoll lost in the middle of nowhere and I fell in love with it. An exquisite island and a natural sanctuary.”

Then follow 3 years of environmental impact studies and 8 years of work for nearly 120 million dollars to finally spring the structure out of the sandy ground. “More than a construction, it’s a human adventure.” The various companies involved speak of “a super interesting building site, having required many different technics”, “inspiring knowledge exchange”, “with great conditions of hospitality and work”.  We were told that “there has been a tremendous human respect”.

Guy Laliberté has appealed to the maximum of the expertise available in the Fenua. Structural works, secondary works and even furniture are locally made. Determined to preserve the flora and fauna of his Eden, procedures and extremely strict health standards have been set up to reduce to the maximum the human print on this naturally splendid place, virgin of rats, mosquitoes and plant diseases. Building materials have all been quarantined. The energy is mostly solar; the fresh water comes mainly from filtered rainwater. The primary forest has been respected and remains inviolate over a large part of the atoll. Today, the dream has come true.

Only available as a buy-out for up to 52 guests, Nukutepipi is “a peaceful setting that generates inspiration and discovery for the senses. (…) We propose an emotional, artistic, culinary, environmental experience.”

40 persons work there full time and the number of staff triples during the guests’ stays. Thus, boat captain, naturalist guide, instructor in diving and other nautical activities, expert in Polynesian culture, sports coach, massage therapist, doctor and nurse are at your disposal.

Along a pristine white sand beach unique in the world, 1 Master Villa, 2 Junior Suites and 13 bungalows, all perfectly equipped and carefully decorated in a sober and refined style, blend with humility in the sublime natural setting.

In addition to the classics (pool-jacuzzi area, bar, restaurant, spa, indoor and outdoor gym, game room, business center and conference room, activities kiosk with an impressive range of lagoon & land activities, kid’s club, tennis, basketball, mini-golf…), Nukutepipi offers some unique communal spaces such as a fully soundproofed movie theater, an observation platform raised 25 meters high and even an astronomical observatory featuring a motorized telescope!

Real passionate of art and music lover, Guy Laliberté mingles ancestral Tiki made of all shapes and materials with works from his Lune Rouge Collection representative of the plurality of contemporary practices. Speakers are scattered throughout the property, even in the most unusual places of the atoll. A state-of-the-art recording studio pavilion, set up by the legendary London studio team Abbey Road, has also been built.

“Nukutepipi atoll is the ultimate, true-to-life, dot in the ocean – a lesson in humility. This magnificent place connects us up to the universe and displays the face of nature in all its splendor. (…) I am pleased to welcome you to this atoll where art, symbols and legends of the people of yesterday and those of tomorrow meet together in a joyful combination!” (Guy Laliberté).

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